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Epileptologist vs Neurologist

July 5, 2017

Okay so a lot of people don't know the difference between an epileptologist and an neurologist. An epileptologist specializes in epilepsy and  a neurologist specializes in all aspects of the brain.  

According to Google a neurologist is known as "a doctor that specializes in the study and the treatment of disorders associated with the nervous system. This includes both the: Central nervous system - includes the brain and the spinal cord". Which is correct, I've had tons of neurologists up until I've had my current doctor (I won't say his/her name in case they aren't cool with being publicized). Right now I am seeing a epileptologist. Google defines an epileptologist as a neurologist who specializes in the treatment of epilepsy. Which even though that seems like a pretty generic definition, its true. 


I'm actually really glad I switched over. My last neurologist suggested my current epileptologist because she was pregnant and moving.She was actually the only neurologist I ever liked, but I'm SO GLAD she recommended me to someone who actually specialized in my condition. 


A neurologist is someone who does specialize is all parts of the brain, but not JUST EPILEPSY  They specialize in people who have all neurological disorders instead of just one...I've had neurologists who have put me on the wrong type of meds. One had put me on a medication that is only meant for people with focal epilepsy not generalized epilepsy. Once my current epileptologist told me this I was like are you effing kidding me. 


Today is actually the day I realized how much I appreciate my current doctor. A ton of people have suggested to get a second opinion, but honestly, I acutally trust this doctor. It was actually my mom who made me realize this today (she makes me realize a ton of things when it comes to my health) I had a doctors appointment yesterday before my cousins engagement party which side note MY COUSIN RACHEL IS ENGAGED AND I CANNOT WAIT TO BE A PART OF HER SPECIAL DAY TO HER AMAZING FUTURE HUBBY DOM!!! Literally made me cry seeing how happy this man makes my cousin.


Okay anyways...even though he wasn't there last time I was in the hospital when I had my 5 seizures in 1 day and put on an EEG for a  couple days, he sent his superior, the person who taught him everything he knows and someone he trusts with his patients, he came into the appointment and every appointment now that I think of WITHOUT a  file and everything by memory. Literally every single neurologist I've had has come in with a file like "umm who are you again?"....he has NEVER done that. Maybe he has looked at my file before hand but my file has never EVER been in that room while I was in there. And as a patient, I feel like that's how your doctor should be. 


Yesterday my mom said to me "I feel like you can really be yourself around him and tell him what's going on" and she is completely right. And to be 100% honest, that's how I think it should be with any doctor you have. Sometimes my doctor doesn't get back to me himself and his NP gets back to me instead and that kinda bothers me, and I felt comfortable enough to tell him that it bothers me and he completely explained himself. I think he is amazing there and I'm SO HAPPY my last doctor recommended him. He knows how my brain works and what is good for me. I feel very lucky to have him as my doctor. While I was there he actually went on the computer and checked out this blog and he complimented it and said I should continue doing it cause venting or blogging is known to help. He called it amazing and I was like in my head "damn if he thinks its amazing then I should just keep doing it". I think its great how I can trust him with pretty much my life, just as much as I can trust my family and even though some people think I should get a second opinion, I don't think I will. He supports my decision on medical MJ before I get surgery and he even apologized that the surgeons secretary or whatever she is tried to make me feel guilty for holding off on it. I honestly feel its amazing to have a specialist over a normal neurologist. They are more educated on what you ACTUALLY need and what will help you, and right now that's all I need. 




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