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What's a video EEG?

June 27, 2017

So in my last post I mentioned that I recently had to get a video EEG and that I would make a blog post based on what that is. But before I go into that I wanna apologize for being MIA recently. I've had a lot of shit going on with seeing doctors and makes tough decisions (one of the downsides of having the life of an epileptic) especially because I am the most indecisive person I know and go back and forth between what I want when it comes to certain things, but that's besides the point....

A video EEG is when you are basically on watch 24/7. Your head is attached to electrodes with some special paste like glue called collodion. Someone puts this paste onto your head and then attaches the electrodes and wraps your head in gauze so the electrodes stay in place....and also make you look absolutely ridiculous. The electrodes are attached to a machine that monitor your brain. 


The point of a video EEG is to kind of "make" you have a seizure. They want to see what your brain waves look like while having a seizure...and for those of you who aren't aware, the lines underneath the title of my blog is what your brain waves look like while you are having a seizure. While having a video EEG you are in a hospital for 3-7 days depending on what your neurologist suggests. I've had 3 video EEG's and they each lasted 3 days. It was awful. 


I'm not gonna sugar coat it or deny it, I am the WORST hospital patient ever. I've told doctors to go screw themselves, even though I knew they were just trying to help me...I basically have no filter when I'm admitted into a hospital. Last time I was there I called a nurse crazy because he wanted me to get out of bed at like 7 am and walk around (I HATE hospitals...mainly because I hate being/seeing sick people and because the food is terrible haha). I'm also one to do whatever the hell I want when I have a video asshole patient of myself waves to the camera that is watching me. 


Anyway, a video EEG will/can help you see what you need to do to keep safe and see how bad your seizures are and what medications can help or not help. In my 3 cases, it helped my doctor see what types of seizures I had but what they did, didn't stop me from having more seizures. 


I can't say that video EEG's aren't helpful, because every single person who has epilepsy is different. I'm sure there are people out there where the video EEG's have helped, for me, they haven't. They stress me out mostly because of the location that they are done in and that its extremely uncomfortable having your head wrapped and these electrodes glued to your head and on top of it every time I got out of the hospital after I've had one I have gotten bronchitis once I was done being in the hospital due to being in a gross bacteria filled hospital. 


At this point I don't even want to have another one. They are really really boring and seem like a huge waste of time. But that may not be the case for all people. Another point of the video EEG is to see where in the brain your epilepsy see if you have focal or generalized epilepsy. I have generalized epilepsy, which was learned from having a video EEG. So I guess for me, it helped in an educational way for what type of meds I should be on....not that they have been helping that much but it is what it is. 


If you know anyone who has to go through these...don't be that asshole who makes fun of them. They are stressed enough that they have to deal with it or have them...for most people who can let go of it, it hurts them when they are spoken about it in a negative way. Sometimes we have to think that we are strong to get through a day, especially when we are a "running study" in a hospital. And for those of you who pity us because we have to go through it....don't pity us, that's the last thing we want. Just help us believe that we will get through it, and will be okay...sometimes that's all we really need, people to believe we are going to be okay. I'm very lucky to have those types of people in my life...because if I didn't I probably wouldn't know how to get through the day. So you guys know who you are and I appreciate that I have all of you, close and far in my life. I cannot express the gratitude and love I have for the people who do have that hope and for those who visited me in the hospital, especially my family and a big shout out to my middle school nurse Mrs. Carey, you guys are the best and helped me get through those 3 days <3 :)




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