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Medical Marijuana VS. VNS Surgery...what to do?!

June 27, 2017

So one of the decisions I have to make is to go and try the medical marijuana or get surgery....neither of which are 100% what do you guys think I should do? Cause right now, I could really use some a girl out...

Medical MJ is something that could possibly help, it has helped other people but as said in other posts...everyone is different. I was always known as the good girl in growing up. I didn't drink until I was 17, I never attended parties unless my brother threw them...the perks of not being popular and I never smoked weed. I tried it through a cookie and a brownie once...and I tried it while away at college twice because I was like idk "hanging out" with someone who smoked weed all the time...and both times I tried it I was told I was "doing it wrong". I apparently wasn't inhaling it long enough to get that certain type of high. But I wasn't inhaling it long enough for a reason...I didn't like the taste of it. It has been said that medical MJ is different than recreational MJ. It's said that medical MJ does not have that THC in it that will get you high and that it's an all natural thing and could be taken through oils or pills. Part of me says to try it out and if it doesn't help just get the surgery HOWEVER, I am not really that into cannabis or the idea of taking it butttt I'm also not totally into the idea of getting surgery either...


VNS surgery stands for Vagus Nerve Stimulator. Its a special device that is inserted into my body by them making 2 cuts into my body. One on my side and the other around my neck/chest area. Its kind of like a pacemaker but for the brain...however there are side effects to this surgery. My voice could become a little bit deeper, it could make me come off a little bit slower,  I would still have to take my medication while on it, it would be more of a life style change. There are people that swear by it and then other people who hate it. With all these negative side effects it sounds like a no brainer to just try the medical marijuana but however, you can't believe everything you hear/read on the internet.


A lot of people that I've asked in person suggest to go the natural way before I get myself cut open. Comment below with your opinion. 



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