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What to do when someone has a seizure...

June 15, 2017

People ask me all the time what to do if they see me have a grand-mal seizure. So for starters if you see someone having a seizure immediately turn them on their side. You do this for multiple reasons, the main one being that they don't bite their tongue. Next thing you should do is back away (and depending on where you are and who you are with or how bad it 911) . Its always good to start timing how long the seizure lasts because the EMT's or doctors will always ask that question. The one thing you should NEVER, I REPEAT NEVER DO IS PUT YOUR FINGERS IN THEIR MOUTH. THEY WILL BITE YOUR FINGERS OFF!


When someone wakes up from a seizure they are going to be very confused and have no idea what happened to them. I describe it to people as being black out wake up, have no idea where you are and have no idea what happened to the point where you either have to ask, or people have to tell you what happened. Its always best to have the lowest amount of people possible surrounding a person when they wake up from a seizure.  The reason for this is because if we wake up and there's tons of people around us, it will cause more confusion and more anxiety and they will be more embarrassed than they already are...especially if they peed their pants during the seizure. I know this from experience because when I woke up from a seizure while in college in RI there were so many people around me when I woke up from a seizure I ACCIDENTALLY punched a firefighter in the face. Oops!!





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